Thursday, 1 December 2016

Part 12 - The Long Awaited King

 In The Very Beginning…
(Genesis 1)

We start where all good stories start, right at the very beginning.

And this beginning is the most beginning we could begin at.

It is the very first beginning that ever begun.

In the beginning, the very beginning, before you or I, before your mam’s or dad’s, before your grans, your teachers, before even the very first people rambled the earth.

Long before any animals, and long before birds or fish.

Before the sun or moon were in the skies, even before the skies.

Before we had days and weeks and years by which to count back in time.

Before the mountains and trees and flowers ever first grew or budded or climbed,
before there was the ground on which you stand your feet, before there was even light by which to see.

There was God.                                              In the beginning.

And while this may not seem like very much at all in the beginning, God was all everything would need. From God, just from his voice, came
light and dark,
sky and earth,
land and sea,
trees and plants and flowers,
the sun and the moon,
animals and fish and birds of a billion kinds – each one of them thought of, from scratch, by God.

And God painted each one of them in the way only God could – with a thousand different colours, in every shade he could think of. And he made it so that all these things didn’t just stay one colour or one shape, he made them to change with the seasons – which he also invented – so that we could always look and see, just at a glance,
the magnitude,
the limitlessness,
the gloriousness of him.

Even in the smallest of leaves on a tree, there one minute and then gone the next, no matter how short it’s life on the earth that he had formed, God took an intense interest in it’s every feature.
He thought up it’s shape,
how it would grow,
where it would grow
and what it would wear so it would look dazzling whatever the season.

He primed it with all it would need in its lifetime to be an effective part of the bigger tree. More than that, he dreamt up the notion of a tree and all that it would need, every tiny leaf vein, every inch of its gnarly bark, straight out of God’s imagination.
To the letter of his design.
To the glory of his mighty power.

And then there was us.

God’s most treasured idea of them all, his children

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