Friday, 2 December 2016

Part 11 - The Long Awaited King

 God’s Children
(Genesis 2)

Far above all that he had made before.

Far outweighing all that he had imagined before.

After all his creating and making and bringing into existence.

God saved his most precious idea until last.

Even right back there, in the beginning of beginnings,

God    thought            of         you.

God looked at all he had thought of, and spoken of, and given life to and saw that it was all extraordinary.

And then he looked at you and I, amongst it all, amongst
the billions of wild animals
and amongst the trillions of intricate flowers,
and between the forests and forests of trees,
and through the hurtling of birds and the colliding of waves and the marching of insects,
and saw that

we       were    incomparable.

And God loved us,
and we loved him,
because he loved us.
And he gave us everything else that he had made because he loved us and wanted us to have the very best he could give – which, as we will discover, happens to be the very best you can get.

Yes, in the beginning, it was a very good beginning indeed.

The very best beginning that had ever begun.

But that was just the beginning.

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