Monday, 5 December 2016

Part 8 - The Long Awaited King

The Beginning of the Plan
(Genesis 49 v10)

Men from Judah’s family will be kings.
Someone from Judah will always be on the throne.
Judah will rule until the real king comes.
And the nations will obey him”

With their backs to the garden, Adam and Eve started their new life. Only this life wasn’t new.

It was
It was life without God…and it stunk.

Years and years passed and God’s children had children of their own.

And their children had children too.

And their children also had children.

Generation after generation after generation all believing the same lie - that God didn’t love them.

All of them outside the garden.
All of them lost.

A long time after Adam and Eve left the garden, one of their children’s, children’s, children was called Jacob, and Jacob had 2 wives and A LOT of children – 12 sons and 1 daughter.
                                                                                         Dinah (she was the girl)
                                                                                                Joseph (with the fancy coat)
                                                                                                         And Benjamin

Jacob lived a long time but before he died, God told him what would become of each of his sons, and Jacob, in turn, told his sons. For some of them this was good news. For some of them, it was not.

God told Jacob something else. He told him that he had not forgotten his children. Just like he told Adam and Eve as they left the garden, he told Jacob that he was coming for his lost children.
“The scepter shall not leave Judah;
he’ll keep a firm grip on the command staff
Until the ultimate ruler comes
and the nations obey him.”
God told Jacob and Jacob told Judah something astounding – in his family, one of Judah’s children’s, children’s, children, would come The One.
The One who would rescue God’s children from the lie.
The One who would face the snake like Adam but win.
The One who would shout louder than the lie echoing through the generations

The One.

The King

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