Thursday, 8 December 2016

Part 4 - The Long Awaited King

The Everlasting Kingdom
(Jeremiah 23 v 5)

The days are coming,” says the Lord,
“when I will raise up a good descendant in David’s family.
This descendant will be a king who will rule in a wise way.
And he will do what is fair and right in the land.”

Many, many years had passed now since the snake had told the horrible lie,
and since Adam and Eve had believed him,
and since his children had walked out of the garden that God had given them.

God had kept on telling his children over and over again that he was coming back for them. Even though life with God was hard,
and sad,
and lonely,
his children still kept wandering away from him. And God kept reminding them that he was going to set everything right.

God’s children kept telling him that they didn’t want him, and they were starting to get tired of watching and waiting for God’s King to arrive. One day they asked God for a king right now – God told them that a human king wouldn’t look after them or rescue them like his Promised King would, but God’s children didn’t care. Once again they told God that they didn’t want his plan, they wanted their own, and God, because he loved them, gave them what they wanted.

The first king he gave them was king Saul – he started out as a goodie but he didn’t really love God and he did terrible things just like God said he would.

But still his children didn’t listen to him and so God gave them another king, this time he gave them a king who did love him and who was watching and waiting for God’s Promised King and so this king, king David, kept reminding his people that God was still on his way.

And then, God told his children a wonderful thing. The Promised King – the real King, the Rescuing King – would be one of king David’s children’s, children’s, children.

Just like he had told Jacob that one of Judah’s great-grandchildren would be the King, one of king David’s great grandchildren would also be the King – which made sense because king David was part of Judah’s family too.

One day the real King would come, to take his rightful place amongst God’s people. He wouldn’t be a king like any human king – with servants and castles and armies, or with royal robes and a shiney crown. No, the real King would be far, far more than any human king.

He would be more powerful
                        More wonderful
                                    And more mighty

He would be The King.

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