Sunday, 4 December 2016

Part 9 - The Long Awaited King

After the End
(Genesis 3)

In that small moment the world was changed. A cataclysmic turning point of what began as a beautiful story.

There was no way back.

God’s children had chosen to leave him.
They had given him back the wonderful gift.
They had told him they didn’t love him.
They had broken his heart.

That one tiny moment changed everything across the whole earth.
The colour drained from the flowers and the trees.
The bird song became a dischord.
The animals collided with fear.

And the lie started to shine brighter and sing louder than everything else around it.

It was over. Adam and Eve could no longer live in the garden. God had to send them away. Out of his garden he had made for them. Out of Eden.

For God’s children, and their children, life would now be hard.

The beauty and freedom in which they had started out was now no longer their home.

They had given back the garden. Told God they didn’t want his protection.


They had believed in something other than God.

They believed in the lie that God didn’t love them.

A lie that would keep shouting all throughout the human race.

Passed on like a baton from generation to generation to generation.

Unceasing and un-muted.

Before Adam and Eve left the garden, God made them one last thing. He made them clothes to wear. Before they hadn’t needed them, but now they did and it was God’s way of giving his children one last hope.

“I will make you and the woman
enemies to each other.
Your descendants and her descendants
will be enemies.
Her child will crush your head.
And you will bite his heel.”

Even though God’s children had broken his heart, even though they had walked away from him, even though it was the end, God made them a promise as he clothed them and closed the gates to garden behind them.

As he watched them walk away from him through the bars of the gates, he whispered,

‘I’m coming back for you.

I do love you.

This is not the end’

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