Wednesday, 30 November 2016

And now for something a little different...

So, it occurs to me that I never actually introduced you to Karoo's official Favourite Toy when she was born 3 years ago - and I realise that Roo now also has a full time Favourite Toy, but my colleague  who landed that job definitely got the raw end of that deal...

And as my oversight was pointed out to me recently, I felt a little terrible (after the big build up I made) at never addressing the appointment again and so in order to recompense for my actions I am giving the blog over to Karoo's said Toy for a limited time.

Now, don't panic! I realise that this is not what you signed up for however, I did make a huge gaff on this one and, while she may not be as funny, ribbony or indeed, Liony as myself, she does tell a good story.

For the first half of December Smaugette will be sharing with you a story from my side of the Wardrobe, something with a little of the Deep Magic that can easily be forgotten in the Decking of the Halls and the Jingling of Bells.

So I invite you to put your sleigh back in it's box for a little while longer, put the tangled fairy lights to one side and enjoy a 12 post feast written as only a dragon could...

And if that didn't persuade you perhaps this little test run by the reptile herself will help...see you in January


There is a story
An old, old story
That is forgotten by many on this side of the wardrobe.

It is a story that is full of danger,
And heartache
And sadness

A story begins before time even began
And continues on even now

It tells of defeat
And disappointment
Of fallen heros
And fallen angels

And of a Hero.
The Hero
The King

It whispers
And sings
It's Chronicle
Trying to push it way through the door and onto this world. But despite all it's efforts few hear it. The noise of everything else seems to drown out its wonderful prose.

But even though this is an old story, nearly lost through the years and almost silenced by the world, if you do hear it, it will thunder out to you louder than anything else that comes after it.

Yes, it is an old, and sad and long story
But more than all these things
This story
is true...

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