Monday, 25 March 2013

The Highlights

So it's been a while...4 months to be exact...and whist I can't excuse my lack of commitment to Blog I will say the pressure of 4 followers did get to me and a break was needed to ensure I stayed sane. Fear not, however, as I now find myself with time on my hands and able to resume a weekly update on life This Side. I will also give you a break down of what would have been Blogged had I not forgotten about it, so you won't have missed out on anything...I can hear your sigh of relief.

15th November - Date of last post, and Public Apology which we shall leave there.

22nd November - Mam starts downward spiral of morning sickness resulting in some household chores being unattended thoughts return to the dustballs of previous posts and I start to store up supplies.

29th November - Morning sickness now at an all time low, Mam taken to hospital and dad steps in to    
run house, look after us all & work 2 jobs...this is not going to end well.

6th December - Mu celebrates first birthday, I get all teary eyed as I reminisce of the past year - mainly of a time when there was hot food, clean underwear and the house smelt less like it was rotting from the's good, but it's clear things are way beyond his control.

13th December - Mu's first birthday party. Mam has managed to raise her head out the toilet for 3 days straight now and there's none more thankful than dad for the Anti-Sickness tablets that she currently cradles like a baby.

20th December - with Christmas looming and Mam definitely on the back foot, Christmas-Prep has gone into overdrive.

27th December - On holiday for the week...wish you were here...

3rd January - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mam now back on form and dad back to doing what he does best, Mu now in possession of every large toy she could think of - Ladybird ride-on, dolls pram, 2 tents, a collapsable tunnel, a giant bean bag penguin and a oversized inflatable duck bath - and, having had a birthday, followed two weeks later by Christmas, now expecting another deluge of gifts in the next week as this seems, in her eyes, to be how we roll as a family now...

10th January - Mu's first snow, and the delights of being dragged round the back garden on a tea-tray have been all hers.

17th January - nothing happened.

24th January - visit to Liverpool and more snow, Mu now upgraded from the Tea Tray to a professional sledge, which, while the size of dad, has been customised with ribbon and a Bumbo Seat for Mu's use.

31st January - Dad informs Mam that they have missed the 2nd birthday of their only niece thus meaning other Aunts (and Uncles) clawing ahead of her in the Favourite Auntie Chart...Mam off to find super-awesome gift to elbow Auntie Gretchen out of the running for top spot - she's only been a real Auntie since the summer.

7th February - Nothing happened

14th February - Valentines Day and Mam's most hated day of the year, thus the day has been mostly filled with rants on the commercialisation of love and relationships, and how this is responsible for the state we find ourselves in as a society. I spend most of the day in the porch, closely monitoring for any sign of giving or receiving of cards and/or gifts for Mu, my main source of concern being the local Pastors sons who have taken quite a shine to her since her arrival, be they 3 and 1 respectively. Not on this lions watch my sons...not on this watch...

21st February - mam now size of small house and current pregnancy craving is Big Macs meaning McDs now confident of beating the recession.

28th February - Mam spends all week planning and packing for weekend away.

7th March - Dad turns 30 and Mam is super-excited at finding the perfect gift for missed nieces birthday - a Sylvainian Family and car accessory - so what if its aged 4+ and contains parts so tiny borrowers couldn't even use them...

14th March - House issues hit an all time low, currently we have no shower (broken since December), heating that doesn't quite heat up, and as of this week the cooker blew up...Mam and dad taken it all in their stride however, and a blitz spirit has descended on the house. Not sure what our guests, due to visit this weekend, will make of the situation however. Grandad's concern was where Mam was going to sleep 8 people in our 3 bed house, Mam felt this would be the least of their concerns when they turned up and realised they were staying at Beamish...

21st March - restart Blog.

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