Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Public Apology

Following the Post titled "An All Time Low" it has come to my attention that an official, public apology is needed.

While, at the time of the incident foretold in above post, it was unclear to me as to the true nature of one Mr. Michael Mouse's intentions, it has now, after some investigation become all too clear.

Regarding the accusation of Mr Mouse 'looking for a fight' by approaching me with a fixed grin and using the line "So you wanna join the Mickey Mouse Club?!" I have now been informed that this was not an insinuation that he had replaced me in Annie's affections, but merely a catchphrase Mr Mouse is well known for. Rather like Buzz Lightyear with "To infinity and beyond", Grandad's with "pull my finger" and Ron Walker with, well, "Catchphrase", Mr Mouse's "So you wanna join the Mickey Mouse Club" is his own identifiable quip and was not intended to cast aspersions of any kind.

Regarding the 'sing-songy' "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggady dog" It appears this is Mr Mouse's theme tune and the hip swivelling, the accompanying dance that goes with it. It was not intended to 'goad' in anyway, and Mr Mouse would like it pointed out that he is fully aware of the differences between a dog and a cat, and that it was never in question, in his mind, that I am indeed the latter.

It should also be pointed out that the copious references to Mr Mouse's oversized ears was uncalled for and discriminatory to those with larger lobes.

I would like to categorically state that all the actions of Mr Mouse were of a friendly and allied nature and not intended to offend, subvert my authority or in any way cause the events that followed.

On another note Ted Bear would like it formally stated that he would have stepped in regardless of what he was wearing and it had nothing to do with 'proving he was still Boss'. He would like it to be noted that he is fine with his new attire and others need to come to terms with the fact that "Ted Build-a-Bear now comes with pink knitwear"

With that in hand, please be aware that no toys were harmed long term by the events that befell us a few weeks ago, and any toys that did have subsequent nightmares have been referred to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team).

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