Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Clothes Show

So Mu is being Dedicated at church this Sunday and my biggest question of the week has been what does one lion wear to such an event? After all I am the mane man! (credit to Dad for that one).

For those not familiar, Mam and Dad have chosen to have Mu Dedicated rather than Christened or Baptised as they want her to chose for herself whether she wants to be a Christian. In having her Dedicated, she won't be formally a Christian, or formally a member of a denomination but it will be an opportunity for us to give thanks to God for her, and for Mam and Dad to promise to teach her about Jesus as she grows up.

Thus poses the dilema...it seems this is the sort of occasion which falls below a Christening/ Wedding/ Funeral type affair, but above a Slobbing-Around-On-A-Saturday-In-Your-Joggers type affair, and I'm not going to lie to you, I can only do one or the other.

Now I'm not a dedicated follower of fashion in any sense of the word - my fur is yellow and purple - but I don't want to look stupid on the photos, with Mu (and any other subsequent siblings) asking - "What was he thinking??!?!?!" Nor do I want the photo's to be brought out on a significant occasion in my own life, for all who have gathered to 'surpise' me, to laugh at. So I'm faced with but two options, do I dress-up my 'Slobbing' outfit, or dress-down my Wedding garb? With both these options still leaving the eternal conundrum of, to hat or not to hat?

Mu herself has been through several outfits - Mam being the most indecisive of dressers on an average day - and Gran only adding to the wardrobe chaos by purchasing new items to throw into the mix. It doesn't help that in light of our move to Yorkshire (that mission trip finally got legs - see earlier post on Cultural Exchange) Mam is either vacuum packing anything that stands still long enough or tossing it out completely. Dad's still reeling over the fact that he didn't answer the "When will you next wear this" thresh-hold question quick enough and lost all his pants to the Bin Man. By that I don't mean the Bin Man is now wearing his pants. All this means that Mu's options in what to wear are not unlike my own (minus the yellow/purple fur angle, and what to do with her ribbon mane)

Anyway, answers on a post-card if you care enough to assist. I'm off to try and bling up my Kappa Poppers and see if a top hat set at a jaunty angle will suffice...think Dad'll just be happy if he's not commando.

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