Monday, 13 May 2013

A Bleachier Shade of Pale

So the "24 hour bug" that struck our house last week turned out to be a "5 day bug extravaganza". Why I continue to consult Mam on her medical opinion when she's clearly bonkers & practicing without a licence is beyond me. Still, it's all good now & contrary to my  initial Scouse inclined feelings on my state of health, I did not, in fact, die.

So we have entered a new week all freshly bleached & ready to go. Go where however is the question...due to the local SureStart Centre closing last week & living in an area where there are a total if 0 parks, community centres, or libraries & the nearest location that sports one of these, seemingly luxury facilities, being 2 bus rides away, fleecing you for £4.80, we shall in fact, be going no where. Thank goodness Mam is a trained youth worker,otherwise I might never be able to experience a 1 year old let lose with paint - there was no need for brushes as I was to hand, or experience Toddler Baking (this is not where we bake actual toddlers for any Social Workers reading this), or being fully immersed in Wet Play ( which after last week's nappies, took on a whole knew meaning, let me tell you...)

There are elements of a new job that are always a surprise, tasks that no one thought to mention at interview, even "evolving roles & responsibilities" which were not outlined in the advert or subsequent job description. There are other elements no one mentions for a reason...

When I say this, some would assume that I might be keen to advise the new baby's Favourite Toy when they are appointed, exactly what to response to that...HA! A lion needs some light hearted relief whilst being simultaneously blind sided with vomit,poo & anti bacterial spray...

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