Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Food, Glorious Food

Mu has started to be weaned. A process that involves Mu being re-fed her regurgitated food more than once, in a head to head battle with Mam and Dad. They feed her the food and Mu raspberries it out at them. Mam has been pretty evenly covered on a daily basis but she almost took the advantage recently when Mu nearly stuck her eyelashes together with broccoli meaning she was unable to defend 3 full spoons of puree. Suffice to say it was pretty much evens as we entered Step 2 of the Weaning Plan and introduced a breakfast routine.

Dad's face as the first spoonful went in was cross between him realising he'd forgotten to put the bins out (why do dad's love bin day so much?) and what I imagine to be his face when being told that Mam had left the baby on the bus (an event that has not happened...). Mam on the other hand looked like Christmas had come and she'd been given free reign in the Lakeland Kitchenware Shop.

Mu was unimpressed but now seems to have accepted that her protests are going un-noticed and is now devouring whatever is given her and asking no questions. 1-0 Mam and Dad, although the resultant nappies take that score back to evens again...

The lastest addition to her menu is that of Wheetabix (other brands also available), which is her current favourite. I have to say it's my least favourite as being caught in the cross fire of soggy wheat biscuit has resulted in matted fur, as that stuff sets like concrete if left for longer than 3 minutes.

In the clean up process I apparently fall low down on the list of cleaning priorities which means my ribbon mane is now stuck together in a way that makes me look like Johnny Rotten - off to consider whether the only answer to this issue is to shred my t-shirt and pierce my ear with a safety pin....God Save the Queen.

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