Tuesday, 6 September 2016


I recently looked on the calendar to find the following appear under Dad's name...


As I pondered on this event - to which Mam was also invited, but whom presumably had as much clue as myself, I also noticed the following under Mu's name...

Sch Sts

And this under Karoo...

Tods 10am (This was extended to Roo but unless it involves throwing, hitting, kicking or wrestling -  he won't be interested in it's content.)

It's led me to conclude that I am now working at Bletchley and the only way to ever know what's going on is to build some form of super computer which can simultaneously guess 100 variations of the enemies code for any given day.

It has also led me on a bit of a rant - which, you'll be overjoyed to know, you're about to hear.

What is it with abbreviations? I don't just mean acronyms, but the abbreviation of words, not just due to a space shortage on a calendar but IN ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS?

People are actually speaking in 'abbreves'. It seems you can no longer use full words for more than 50% of your sentences. I mean what will this signify for literary compounds such as The Chrons. of Narn. - which I also note has been hijacked by some amateur cook on BBC (you never saw Tumnas engineering a 3D biscuit) or War and Peace, I mean that's just going to be letters?

I say all this as this week, Mu starts school - wait...that makes sense now...

She starts school but my question is for what purpose - to unlearn the words she has just spent the last 4 years learning.

Now I realise that this truncated natter-style is all just "for bants" but IT'S RIDIC. Where will it end, and how is Mam going to explain the fact that Mu is in the Pooh Bear class at school BECAUSE I DON'T THINK THEY'LL BE SHORTENING THAT TO The Winnies...

It's not just the young either. Since Mam and Dad got married, Granny and Granda have signed all cards and texts with 'AOLA Mam and Dad'...what does this mean??? Granda Pete constantly puts LOL in his texts, but he has no clue why he does it, which was evident when he sent a message to say that Gran had just got a new haircut and he put this at the end.

So, JIC you didn't realise I SMH, IYKWIM.


  1. Amazing. My Grandma thought Lol meant lots of love... that's why she used it straight after "Betty''s husband just died. LOL" .... might help clear that up?! :)